• More and more staff within organisations are being asked to find income streams, be more enterprising and customer focused.

    Rebecca speaks at events to de-mystify intrapreneurship – the role of enterprise within organisations.

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  • Why you need an enterprising approach in your organisation

    An enterprising approach is an excellent way for you and your organisation to increase profitability, fill funding gaps, improve the stability of the organisation and support future growth. Not only that, you will see an improvement in all areas of your business, including staff engagement, staff retention, customer service and quality of delivery.

    Many sectors can benefit from developing an enterprising mindset. Charities, housing associations and community groups can use it to increase their financial stability, whilst SMEs such as small businesses, GPs, dentists and accountants can use it to engage with staff, improve customer service and increase profits.

    If this something you would like to know more about, then contact Rebecca today. Through years of experience, research, and working with organisations all over the UK, she knows this is a proven way to take corporate enterprise a step further.

    A motivational business speaker that gets results

    Rebecca Jones can help you to achieve:

    • Increased profitability
    • More sustainable ways of working
    • Better customer service
    • Improved staff engagement
    • Higher staff retention

    Rebecca works with organisations to establish a more enterprising approach, engaging staff, listening to customer needs and building sustainable approaches to organisational growth and stability.

    In her talks to boards, company away days, trade conferences and other events she shares how organisations, their leaders, managers and staff can embrace enterprise within the business and shows how it can not only benefit the organisation but also the end customers.

Rebecca can unlock the potential in your team and help new ventures become a reality with more enterprising staff. She is a sought after motivational business speaker. Her aim is to make individuals, teams and whole organisations more entrepreneurial and more enterprising.

Rebecca says “Has your organisation found itself stuck, unable to move forward and in desperate need of some inspiration and vitality? Enterprise within the workforce could be the solution.”

Rebecca’s Services

  • Business Speaking

    Rebecca Jones is a highly sought out business speaker. Her aim is to empower individuals, teams and whole organisations to be more entrepreneurial and reach a new level of success.

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  • Enterprise Trainer

    As a trainer and educator over the last 16 years, Rebecca has developed a range of evolutionary training programmes. These programmes are based on her amazing Vitality for Business success model.

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  • Enterprise Consultant

    If you’re looking for help in developing a new enterprise or reigniting an old one, Rebecca can help you. As an enterprise growth consultant, she engages with your teams to encourage a more enterprising mindset.

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  • Enterprise Mentor

    As a trusted advisor on enterprise, enterprise development and new income streams, Rebecca works with you on a one-to-one or team basis to support and enable you to carry out enterprise activities.

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What Rebecca’s Clients Say


  • You were really down to earth with no fancy talk. Lots of thought provoking ideas and suggestions. I signed up as I?ve been feeling rather overwhelmed and under-motivated about my online business and your webinar seems to have given me a boost. I tend to focus on the negative, and after listening to you, I […]


    Dear Rebecca, a big thanks from us all at BPW for being our Speaker at our President’s Dinner. We enjoyed your anecdotes and hopefully will be inspired to take the message to the women of Llandudno! Wishing you every success in your future, Regards


  • Rebecca is an engaging, informative and entertaining speaker who gets the balance between capturing the attention of the audience and imparting genuine knowledge and information, just right.


    As soon as Rebecca started speaking I was drawn to listen by her energy and enthusiasm. Rebecca used a story to get over her message which made what she had to say interesting. Her talk was relevant to the audience and contained elements that not only made you feel motivated but also some really helpful […]