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Business Speaker

Rebecca Jones is a sought after woman business speaker.  Her aim is to make individuals, teams and whole organisations to be more entrepreneurial and more enterprising.

As a keynote conference speaker Rebecca’s passion for developing enterprising people will fire up even the most cynical audience. With thought-provoking facts, informative examples and all tailored to your audience; watch your audience shift their mindset.

If you would like Rebecca to inspire your audience as a business speaker and help you develop and grow successful businesses with enterprise passion and vitality, please get in touch now on 01570 421301 or drop us a line with more details of your events.

Business Growth Consultant

If you are looking for help and support in developing a new enterprise or reigniting an old one, Rebecca can help you. As a business growth consultant, she engages with your teams to encourage a more enterprising mindset.  Showing them how they can makes changes to benefit the customers, themselves and the organisations bottom line.

Rebecca works with senior executive teams, board members and trustees to enable them to grow a stable enterprise to be proud of and supports front line staff in developing enterprising solutions including social enterprises and new income streams.

Need help to start up your social enterprise or develop new income streams? Then call now on 01570 421301.

Business Mentor

Do you or members of your senior team need someone to call upon for advice, a guiding hand, a listening ear and a sounding board for your enterprise ideas? This is exactly what Rebecca is asked to do on a regular basis. As a trusted advisor on enterprise, enterprise development and new income streams Rebecca works with you as an individual or with your team to support and enable you to carry out your own enterprise activities.

Rebecca can offer space to 10 mentoring clients at any one time, giving you a highly personal and supportive experience.  Secure your place now

Why book Rebecca Jones as a business speaker

After leaving school at the age of 16 with a handful of O’ levels, my teachers told me I wouldn’t amount to much. Now, with more than 21 years’ business ownership and management experience, I am regularly called upon to inspire teams, enlighten conference audiences and influence key decision makers with sensible enterprise solutions.

I’m not too proud to admit that my first business at 19 was an unmitigated disaster, but having learnt from this experience I have since gone on to be a successful business owner, author of women’s business start-up book “Business in Red Shoes”, and a regular enterprise development blogger and business advisor for national organisations and the media. I’m told I bring a “common sense approach” to business.

If your organisation has found itself stuck, unable to move forward and in desperate need of some inspiration and vitality, then I can help you. Give me a call or drop me a line – I’d love to hear from you.

Rebecca Jones MA, Cert.Ed, MPSA



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