Meet Rebecca

  • Rebecca Jones is a motivational business speaker and workshop facilitator whose goal is to:

    • encourage others to achieve their potential
    • motivate and enable staff to achieve more and feel more involved
    • empower those who wish to improve the organisation that they lead
    • inspire others to be the best version of themselves

Rebecca started her first business at the age of 19 and has since gone on to establish herself as an expert in enterprise and business growth through staff engagement. Having left school at 16 with only a handful of non-academic O-levels to her name, Rebecca was told she would never make anything of herself. Believing that learning was not for her she embarked on a variety of jobs in the care sector. At 19 she tried her hand at running her own business, after seeing that it wasn’t as easy as all that, Rebecca took the plunge and returned to education in order to learn about business and running a company. Her new love of learning lead her to set up her own training company 22 years ago ensuring others had the access to opportunities to learn.

As a qualified teacher, Rebecca holds various business qualifications including a Master’s degree in Education. As a business owner and personal development trainer for 22 years Rebecca has enhanced her business experience with part time work in academia and research. She has been involved in researching and lecturing, “enterprise learning” for the last 17 years. Her work combines her knowledge of people development and business growth. Clients include banks, national companies, not-for-profit organisations, independent schools, small and large companies, government bodies and universities to establish a more enterprising approach.

Interested in booking Rebecca for your event send an enquiry to the office.