Developing Enterprising Staff

  • Unlock the potential in your team and help new ventures become a reality with more enterprising staff

    Traditional businesses, charities, funded and non-profit organisations are all under ever increasing pressure to develop new ways to save money, increase revenue and generate income. The best way to move forward is to develop a team of enterprising staff within your organisation.

    This can be a challenging culture shift for staff, volunteers, board members and trustees who may fear the values and mission of the organisation will be compromised in the pursuit of income. By introducing an enterprising mindset into your organisation you will see:

        • Increased profitability
        • Better service to customers
        • More sustainable ways of working
        • Better staff engagement
        • Better staff retention

    Motivational workshop or talks will inspire attendees to develop a creative, enterprising culture.

    Sessions include:

        • Encouraging enterprising solutions within an organisational structure
        • Starting your enterprise journey by understanding the process of business
        • Intrapreneurship  developing a framework where employees with ideas and entrepreneurial skills are granted a certain level of autonomy to develop projects of their own in a controlled and safe environment
        • How to support and encourage intrapreneurship
        • Why bother with enterprise? Cracking the myths of profit, risk and capacity building

    It?s becoming more evident that in order to survive organisations need all their staff to engage with the process of income generation and understand why they need to think in a more business focused way. This can be done via the options below.

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“Enterprise Within™” workshops for your organisation?

In-house and occasional public courses on developing a more enterprising culture, and building an enterprise from scratch.

Enterprise Mentoring

Do you or members of your senior team need someone to call upon for advice, a guiding hand, a listening ear and a sounding board for your enterprise ideas?

Motivational Business Speaker

Book Rebecca to inspire your audience on building a sustainable orgasnaition

Enterprise Consultancy

Working with businesses and organisations who need to look at new income streams, starting a new enterprise or rejuvenating an existing one.

Interested in booking Rebecca for your event? Call 02921 175020, send an enquiry or e-mail Rebecca