How to achieve success by developing your own success targets

Success is a funny thing – it?s something that?s very difficult to measure.? One of my friends is rather poorly just now, but she has been magnificent in handling the whole situation.? For her, success is spending a few hours with her children before returning to hospital for more gruelling treatments.? Yet I am also working with a business which measures success as the turnover of thousands and thousands of pounds. Neither of them is wrong, they are just seeing success through their own eyes in their current situations.

Each business and each individual I mentor and support will have their own idea of what success is to them.? Unfortunately for many of them obtaining success eludes them.? It?s not because they are not capable, because I know they are, and it?s not because of the economic situation, although I?m sure it doesn?t help.? Often the reason success isn?t forthcoming is because it?s not the success they want; it?s the success they feel they should want.

Let me explain.? When we decide to do something, like it or not, we are influenced by other people – what they will think, how they will measure our success, and what they feel success should look like.

For some success will look like this

Bags of money

For others success will look like this

Girl holding cash

You and only you should decide what success means to you. If success to you means a million pound turnover business then I wish you well. When you get there enjoy it, don?t feel bad and don?t feel you have to justify your achievements – it?s what you?ve aimed for.? Likewise, if success to you means setting up a social enterprise that only makes moderate returns, you have a comfortable salary, you love your work and you get to help others, then that?s great too.? When you achieve this, enjoy your success and don?t think about what you could have or should have done.

Now you know how to achieve success by developing your own success targets you can do the following:

  • Set your own success targets,
  • Work towards them and know why you are aiming for them.

When you get there celebrate and enjoy your success, because it really is your success and no one else?s.



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