Keynote topics

Below are some of the keynotes Rebecca regularly delivers

Stretchy thinking – mind-set for growth

To challenge how you think. How to avoid a closed mind-set to growth and instead embracing “stretchy thinking”. Learn how your mind-set causes barriers.

  • Explore how your mind-set can cause you barriers
  • Identify ways you can adjust your mind-set
  • Improve your stretchy thinking
  • Achieve significant improvements in confidence, willingness to give things a try and reduces negativity in the workplace.


Any member of your team can benefit from this, ideal for mixed audience of any age, level and ability.


Ideal as a keynote in the morning to improve engagement or after lunch as a rejuvenating interactive session.


Engaging for enterprise – Developing Enterprising Staff

You will learn the secrets and gain some simple tools on how to embrace enterprise at all levels within your organisation. This session will enable you to embark upon engaging staff in enterprise.

  • understand why staff need to be more enterprising for the long term success of your organisation
  • consider ways in which you can be enterprising with examples you can implement
  • Identify ways in which you can be more enterprising without risk
  • Inspire you to think like an entrepreneur to improve customer relations and increase profits


Any team member who could be more enterprising in their role.


This can be run as a session for senior / board members on how to implement enterprise in your organisation.

Empower your staff to WOW your customers

Inspire your staff to help grow a more profitable business with long lasting clients and repeat business. This session will challenge the mind-set of staff to engage with your clients while benefitting the business.

  • An overview of the impact to customers and service users when staff are unable or unwilling to help.
  • How customers needs must be at the heart of decisions and delivery of goods and services to ensure their continued support.
  • How small actions can have big results and why they need to think more about the whole experience rather than sales and quick wins.


All levels of staff who work directly or indirectly with customers and service users.


A keynote which takes the traditional customer service talks and turns them on their head.