Staff engagement

The Enterprise Within™ model has been developed by Rebecca Jones in order to encourage and support enterprise within businesses.

More and more staff within organisations are being asked to find income streams and to be innovative and customer-focused. The system used to do this takes the concept of enterprise learning and places it within the structure and culture of an organisation.

Using enterprise as a tool to develop and encourage growth and quality within your organisation is not a just way of making money, but a way of connecting the needs of your clients or service users with the ability of your employees to meet those needs.

It is really just about business development, with a sprinkle of innovation and an eye on customer need and staff engagement. This, known as “Enterprise Within”, covers the following areas:

  • REVIEW current situation
  • INFORM staff
  • ENCOURAGE learning ladder of growth
  • ENABLE enterprise activities
  • INNOVATE ideas
  • RUN enterprise projects
  • MANAGE enterprise projects
  • SUPPORT enterprise projects

This process is now delivered as in-house courses, talks and workshops and in a book, due to be published in 2017.

How can Enterprise Within ™ help?

“Enterprise Within™” is a strategy to enable an enterprising mind-set within your organisation, whatever its size. You know that to keep an organisation thriving, and more importantly growing, it takes more than one good idea. In fact you already know that you need your staff to engage more and support the organisation so that it can be stable and focused on delivering the best possible, thereby transforming it from being a good company to a great one.

I have shared the “Enterprise Within™” model in various organisations; from a whole host of sole traders to various SME’s, charities, multinational companies and a bank.

By giving you and your staff the skills and confidence to embrace a more enterprising way of working within safe parameters, you can watch your organisation grow.