Staff engagementOrganisations are constantly looking for ways to grow and move forward, to improve profits and levels of service. At the same time they often know that it is the staff who could make a difference. Various techniques have been used in the past to encourage staff to give of their best. From rewards based ideas to risk of consequence, these carrot and stick options now seem out-dated.

In addition, organisations are struggling to find new ways of growing, providing more for less, saving on costs and becoming more stable to ensure their future is secure. Developing a more collaborative relationship with your employees where they really engage with your organisation seems like a solution to both problems, doesn’t it?

“Your staff members can help your organisation to grow, whilst feeling valued and appreciated?”

However you see the future of your organisation it is likely that you will need to implement changes along the way. Trying to develop new ideas without involving your employees could lead to projects failing. By creating a more enterprising way of working across the whole organisation it is possible to develop ideas through collaboration and genuine need, leading to a more positive end result.

Many employers fail to provide staff with opportunities to add value. I have seen senior executives become exhausted from coming up with new ideas, initiatives or projects which they then have to sell to their staff in order to make them happen. Leaders who either believe that their staff don’t care or even worse that they add no value. From the other side I see staff members who wish to help, have ideas, would like to be more involved but when they try they are pushed back and told this is for the senior team, the board, or the CEO to sort out.

Yet time and time again I am told by CEO’s MD’s and Chairmen that the staff don’t understand or they don’t see it. Why don’t they come up with some ideas for once? All this leads to burnt out, exhausted leaders who are left feeling that their teams are not committed and staff who have become disengaged.

For me, the answer is clear ‘real’ staff engagement. Not the kind of staff engagement where you thank your staff and reward positive behaviour with money or treats. I mean ‘real’ engagement where staff at all levels are able to input into the development of the organisation. An organisation which learns and grows together by embracing a culture of enterprise within its day to day operations. One where staff grow and move on to new challenging experiences, where new ideas are developed, incubated and flourish in a supportive environment.

A company which embraces learning and staff engagement alongside understanding the needs of their customers or service users can build a sustainable organisation fit for the future. Knowing that being different and working in a more inclusive way that will enable your organisation to stand out from your competitors is key. Really meaning it rather than going through the actions is vital. Enterprise within an organisation is not about adopting a phrase, but a way of working which changes the way in which your organisation works on a daily basis.

How can Enterprise Within ™ help?

“Enterprise Within™” is a strategy to enable an enterprising mind-set within your organisation whatever its size. You know that to keep an organisation thriving, and more importantly growing, it takes more than one good idea. In fact. you already know that you need your staff to engage more and support the organisation so that it can be stable and focused on delivering the best possible, thereby transforming it from being a good company to a great one.

I have shared the “Enterprise Within™” model in various organisations; from a whole host of one man and one woman band businesses to various SME’s, charities, multinational companies and a bank. By giving you and your staff the skills and confidence to embrace a more enterprising way of working within safe parameters, you can watch your organisation grow.